Laundry Quarters

Last year my daughter simply swiped her ID card to access funds to pay for laundry in her dorm.  She is at a new school and quarters are required to operated the washers and dryers.  After hearing that she forgot to take quarters to the laundry room (first floor and she lives on the third floor), I made up one of these cute quater holders.  Certainly, not my idea.  I had been “saving” this one for the day she went off to college.  Then last year she didn’t use quarters.  I was bummed.  Then, because I was in a hurry, there isn’t any stamping on this one and the paper isn’t Stampin’ Up!  I ran it through my laser printer. Oh, well.  She was very excited to receive it.  The little tube is from mini M & Ms.  I used my Crop-A-Dile to punch the holes and adhere the eyelets.  I think next time, I would attach the ribbon with the eyelet.  The knots in the ribbon prevent you from “dumping” the whole container of quarters out.  So, maybe they are a good thing afterall.



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