Nicole – Seattle

Here is Nicole's FaceBook entry from today:
Hi everyone!

I've been in Seattle since Wednesday night. Thursday we hung out at the old convent we're staying at and started our training. Yesterday we prayed in front of Planned Parenthood, went to Pike's Place Market and went to a lecture on Humane Vitae. Today we had a retreat and gave our first talks to local parishes. Tomorrow we're giving more talks at parishes and getting ready to start walking on Monday.

We've also been having a great time hanging out and getting to know each other. There are three guys and six girls for the whole summer and another guy and girl here just for training. Our walk leader gets here tomorrow. He's from Canada. Two of the other walkers go to Benedictine College – the school I'm transferring to next year. 🙂

It's been fun here in Seattle but we're all getting antsy to start walking. Please pray for us, our walk, and our mission. Also, if you have any prayer intentions you'd like us to pray for let me know. While we walk we have a ton of time to pray. We'd love to pray for you and your intentions.

God Bless!
Nicole Hendershot
Crossroads Northern Walk 2008

P.S. Please share this with anyone I may have forgotten


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