My Dell laptop is awesome!

I’m not sure I can connect to the WiFi network by our local broadband provider well enough to open an internet browser at my day job.  I am currently connected to the WiFi network in the medical corridor of my hometown.  Since I get allergy shots twice a week and I have to wait for at least 20 minutes after each visit, this will be great for surfing SplitCoastStampers — and my husband can’t ask:  Are we having dinner tonight?  Truly, my husband is wonderful.  He does understand my passion and I even think he gets a kick out of our demo get togethers and my stamp clubs and classes that meet in our home.  Now, the next step will be to get my Stampin’ Up! files transferred to my laptop.  All my photos, etc. etc. etc. are all on my home computer and I can’t upload them from the Clinic.  Since I work in an office and use the computer all day I was a little nervous about the laptop keyboard (I have an ergonomic desk model).  I have this in my lap in the waiting area and it is very easy to type on.  When I had borrowed my daughter’s Toshiba when she was home on Winter Break, the keyboard seemed touchy to me.  Now if I could just quit reaching for the mouse and number pad.  Hopefully, from here on out my blog updates will be more regular.  I’d better get this shut down and get my arm check so I can get back to the office.


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